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Wave Framework

Open Source API-centric PHP Micro-framework

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Two positive reviews for Wave Framework in February from the developer blogging community. "I would strongly recommended this framework. It takes time to get used to but it delivers and it is doing it fast." at and "Much more powerful." (referring to other micro-frameworks) at

25.02.2014 14:09

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Wave is a PHP micro-framework that is built loosely on model-view-control architecture and factory method design pattern. It is made for web services, websites and info-systems and is built around a native API architecture, caching and smart image and resource management. Wave is a compact framework that does not include optional libraries, has a very small footprint and is developed keeping lightweight speed and optimizations in mind.

Wave comes by default with a view controller and a gateway intended for website functionality with clean URLs that also incorporates a front-end JavaScript controller.


  • Modern API-centric framework for PHP versions 5.3 and above
  • Secure API requests with hash validation, token and key-based authentication
  • Dynamically loaded Hierarchical MVC objects through Factory pattern
  • API returns XML, CSV, JSON, HTML, native PHP and other data formats
  • Compressed data output with Deflate and Gzip
  • Input and output data is fully UTF-8
  • PDO-specific database controller for general-use database connections
  • Index gateway and Handlers for all types of HTTP requests
  • Caching system with tagging support for all types of dynamic and static requests
  • View and URL Controllers that support multiple languages and clean URL's
  • Users and permissions control
  • jQuery JavaScript framework supported
  • On-demand dynamic image resizer and editor
  • On-demand resource compression, unifying and minifying
  • Automatic sitemap.xml and robots.txt generation
  • Automatically generated API documentation
  • API wrapper classes that make browser and server to server communication easy
  • 256bit Rijndael encrypted data transmission
  • API Observers for creating event-specific listeners
  • API versioning and version updates
  • Installation-specific MVC class and resource overrides
  • Custom on-demand session handling
  • Security layer against MitM, XSS, CSRF and DoS attacks
  • Request logger that can be used for detailed performance grading of HTTP requests
  • Debugging, backup, update and filesystem maintenance tools
  • Compatibility script that tests support for server setup
  • Supports Apache and Nginx servers in Linux and Windows environments
  • Test Suite for API testing
  • Filesystem caching, database cache, APC and Memcache supported
  • 100+ pages of detailed documentation and tutorials
  • Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3


Kristo Vaher


Allan Davy
Priit Perna
Jaak Kütt
Nicolas Rabier
Ando David Roots

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